‘Food is alive, and gives life’

Carlo Petrini

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Brave Thinkers and Believers

To find these ancient breeds, we have traveled to isolated regions and small family farms around the world where extraordinary people have refused the transition to industrial breeds of livestock. Why don’t these farmers rely on food labels like organic?

Many green food labels are based on mass production and use the same commercialized livestock breeds that non-organic farmers do. While organic meat does offer some degree of protection from hormones and other chemicals, they are still being raised in an industrialized environment.

Heritage breeds, on the other hand, produce more than just food. They actively regenerate the soil and wildlife of their native landscapes, while keeping local economies, communities and an unbroken chain of ancient knowledge alive. Heritage breeds are also a beautiful way to experience our diverse world. Each is a window to an entire little universe, undiscovered and pure. Our store in Hong Kong is creating a sustainable market for these farmers and ensuring a bright future for these heritage breeds.

Stories of hope

Jane Kallaway
Will Benson
James Rebanks
Dezso Szomor

“These animals are beautiful beasts… Even though these cannot be expressed in monetary values, I am strongly committed to preserving these animals.”

Greg & Jodi Clarke

“We were lured by the historical connection of the Aylesbury. As a table bird, it was widely popular in the 19th Century England.“

Michael Sommerlad

“At our farm, genetic diversity is the core of our business.”

Eavaun Carmody
James Irving

Are you a brave thinker?

Join our growing family of extraordinary people who refuse the transition to industrial breeds of livestock and keep local economies, communities and an unbroken chain of ancient knowledge alive.

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