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Nose to tail cooking

Produce Less, Eat Better

We connect you to something larger than simply what’s on your plate.

Our eatWHOLE philosophy is about inspiring new ethics of eating meat that is healthier for our farmers, animals and land.

Because we only procure whole animals from our family farms, our meat choices will be diverse and dynamic each time you visit. This true nose to tail approach allows us to support small family farms and offer you the healthiest meats in Hong Kong.

Let us rejuvenate your daily fare so we can rejuvenate the land.

Why We choose to eatwhole

At Heritage Meats, while we believe eating whole is the best way to honour an animal, it’s also more than that.

You’ll rediscover flavourful cuts of meat at the most affordable prices
You’ll support small scale family farms and good animal husbandry
You’ll rediscover forgotten cuts of meat once favoured by royalty
You’ll help farmers maintain healthy farm ecologies
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Nose to Tail Cooking

At Heritage Meats, part of our re-education of taste is to re-acquaint you with the whole animal by offering cuts of meats, offal, fat and bone that are tastier, richer in nutrition and more economical.  

Historically, these forgotten parts had a regular place on our plates and in our diet. It is our goal to help broaden your knowledge and enjoyment of food. By adopting the eatWHOLE philosophy, we can have so much more food and variety on our plates while consuming fewer animals.

We’ve partnered with some of the most unique farmers around the world to offer you an opportunity to reawaken, rediscover and restore what real food should taste like.

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Our knowledgeable staff will encourage you to explore the whole animal with tastings, advice, the most flavourful pairings and any of our ready-to-eat meals.