Our Mission

Eat, Farm & Live with the wild

Beyond Organic

We believe heritage breeds and their rich genetic diversity are our most effective tool to restoring the health of diverse landscapes around the world.

We’ve partnered with brave family farmers and visionaries who are living examples of the powerful relationship between livestock, conservation and land restoration.

Unlike commercial breeds, ancient varieties have co-evolved with native environments where the unique soil and wildlife depend on their natural activities to thrive. In nature, grazing animals and land have co-existed in harmony for millions of years.

By becoming an active participant in restorative agriculture through your food choices, you will help build a more secure future for Hong Kong – a city that depends upon the ecological health of other countries’. By choosing land-regenerative foods, you have the power to heal the world.

The #eatRare Paradox

Putting farm animals on a sanctuary to be protected is not the way to keep heritage breeds from extinction.

With endangered wild animals, we collaborate to protect native habitats and provide space to live as they would without human interaction. Heritage breeds of livestock should not get the same treatment.

This the #eatRare Paradox.

Perhaps in contradiction to your instincts, the only way to save endangered livestock breeds from extinction is by encouraging people to eat them.

Farming is demand driven. Without a market for their product, farmers won’t be able to keep farming. In that way our food choices have a powerful impact on what farmers grow or raise. To ensure the survival of these unique heritage species and the families who raise them, we are working hard to make them popular again.

Majestic English Longhorn Cattle grazing a summer meadow.

Heritage Breeds Inspire Conservation

The compelling history of heritage breeds goes back 10,000 years to when humans first domesticated animals for agriculture. As our ancestors spread across the globe, each little community developed their own livestock breed, unique to their local landscapes and environmental challenges.

Sadly, industrialisation has pushed thousands of these ancient beasts to extinction and those left are at risk. Alarmingly, today only a few commercial breeds, specifically bred for mass production and uniformity, feed the world. Relying on such a narrow and artificial genetic food base is unwise and potentially catastrophic.

Heritage breeds are bred for survival in a wide variety of geo-climatic conditions while providing food, fibre, power and fertiliser without harming their environments. This rich genetic diversity is our only hope to farming sustainably in the future.

Our Mission

The Re-education of taste

Going beyond organic and other food labels, these ancient heritage breeds are the origins of food. They have not been spoiled by industrialism or commercialisation.

For the first time, you will experience the real taste of natural animal foods. Heritage varieties are all about flavour that is shaped by local seasons, terroir and husbandry. Each breed we sell will re-invigorate your palate with a unique and dynamic taste of nature.

Real Body Nutrition

In addition to extraordinary flavour, heritage breeds also offer your body real and diverse nutrition.

The truth is, we can give you the most nutritionally dense animal foods on the market. Heritage breeds not only regenerate the lands they live on, but they also regenerate your body.

Untouched by industrialisation, heritage breeds live in natural landscapes, mature slowly and feast on a wild and diverse species-appropriate diet that results in superior nutritional density – the kind that can actually heal you.

Our Beasts