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A New Breed of Butcher

Shop 102/103, The Repulse Bay
109 Repulse Bay Road, Hong Kong

The Heritage Experience

Inspired by iconic breeds and diverse farms of centuries past, each corner of our shop acts together to bring you into the remarkable world of Heritage Meats and reconnect you with the ‘culture’ in agriculture. Rediscover the origins of food – forgotten breeds, flavours, cultures and landscapes through an incredible array of artisanal wares and fares.

Bespoke Butchery & Dry Age

Our butcher’s theatre allows you to witness our talented butchers honour the whole animal, turning nose to tail into gourmet masterpieces. Our specialty dry-age fridges enhance the exceptional terroir flavours of our heritage meats. Chat with our staff to learn more about the custom dry ageing services we provide.

Artisanal Fare

Working with our butchers and the whole animal, our kitchen brings you dynamic food offerings ready to expand your definition of real artisanal and sustainable cuisine. For your home, or simply to enjoy outside in Palm Court, all our meals, broths, drinks and condiments are thoughtfully made in-house using organic ingredients and sustainable tableware.

Art & Lifestyle

Our passion for conservation led us to collaborate with photographers, filmmakers and artisans to secure a brighter future for rare breeds by bringing their products and stories into our homes, fashion and lifestyles. By marrying art and agriculture, innovation and zero waste, we rediscover the amazing resources a heritage-bred animal can provide beyond food.

Our Heritage Breeds

Our shop will reconnect your plate to a rich diversity of food varieties from extraordinary native livestock breeds. Discover why we’ve partnered with some of the most unique farmers around the world. Here you will reawaken, rediscover and restore what real food tastes like.

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Meet the founder

A new breed of butcher

Founded by Bennet Lee, Heritage Meats is an ambitious project that is so much more than just another food trend. Since 2012, Bennet has travelled to remote and isolated regions around the world to seek the brave farmers engaged in biodiversity conservation and land regeneration – critical to a habitable future. Bennet is driven to build a sustainable market for these farmers and their extraordinary animals and landscapes through photography, film and his visionary butchery to ensure their survival for future generations.

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