The truth about fat

Fat shouldn’t be taken out of our food, but added back in.

Did you know

Diets high in animal fats are critical for healing our bodies.

Fat in food wasn’t always so negative.

Except for the past 60 years, animal fat has been at the very centre of food for all of human history. Our ancestors knew fat was the ingredient that allowed our bodies to function at its best and was the most important part of the animal.

Besides genetically evolving to need healthy animal fats in our bodies, fat is also the vehicle of flavour in food and different fats are indispensable to different cuisines.

At Heritage Meats, we offer a delicious range of lard, tallow, poultry fat and dairy from our ancient heritage breeds that will encourage you to rediscover long forgotten flavours.

Why you should choose lard

The Truth about vegetable oil

Vegetable oils have only been around about a hundred years. Due to their availability and affordability and a determined campaign to convince us vegetable oil is the healthiest fat, we began to eliminate animal fats from our diet.

By doing this, we abandoned over a million years of evolutionary needs nearly overnight in place of a chemically altered oil.

This shift also replaced millions of acres of native grasslands and forests with harmful crop monocultures. We were told this change would help avoid heart disease, diabetes and obesity. But with animal fats banished from our diets, these chronic diseases have become a global epidemic.

For a healthy diet and lifestyle

A good cook is half doctor

Animal fats are not the enemy. Our brain, hormones, immune and digestive systems, skin and hair all need the essential nutrients found in animal fats.

Because grass-fed animals have a diet rich in natural grasses and plants, we benefit from their healthy diets. Our ancestors relied on animals as a reliable food source for over a million years and were free from the chronic diseases that plague us today.

Embracing animal fats is one of our biggest passions and meets all the goals of our mission at Heritage Meats: provide you with rich, diverse food bursting with nutritional value, revive heritage breeds, honour the whole animal and restore native landscapes.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Grass-fed meats have been clinically proven to:

  • Give you high amounts of the essential fatty acid - called CLA - that your body needs to fight cancer
  • Boost your levels of the K2 vitamin. This super-vitamin allows your bones to absorb calcium more efficiently reduces the risk of heart attacks and promotes cavity-free teeth
  • Give you twice the amount of energy as carbohydrates and lean protein
  • Leave you fuller longer. Even though grass-fed meat has less calories than grain-fed meat it is more nutrient-dense
  • Allow essential vitamins and nutrients (like calcium and vitamins A D K and E) to be fully absorbed
  • Improve glucose levels in the blood
  • Super-charge you with over six times more Omega 3’s
  • Decrease your risk of heart disease with lower amounts of LDL cholesterol (the bad kind)
  • And help ward off inflammation and depression